Salefie Affiliate Program works as a platform that enables anyone to earn money on the go.
In order for you to earn money, You will have to become an affiliate at So, how to become an affiliate? Joining Salefie Affiliate program (SAP) is of just 1-click sign up! Pretty simple right?

Here, How it works,

# Create an affiliate account.

# Select any product you prefer & generate affiliate link.

# Share it via any platform (like SMS, YouTube, WhatsApp,Facebook etc)

# Once anyone purchased a product through your affiliate link & you earn commission!


1) Affiliate can not purchase products from his own affiliate link


Any fraudulence attempt made to misuse affiliate program, your account will be banned permanently.

2) Affiliates can earn 100rs* as a commission for each product which is sold through the respective affiliate link.

  • Affiliate commission can be changed at any time. You will be notified in advanced regarding the changes.

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